Maximizing Your Wealth: Tailored Investment Solutions for Your Financial Goals

07/04/2023   |   Wealth Matters for Dental Professionals

As a Dental Professional, you spend countless hours studying, practicing, and utilizing your knowledge and unique skill set to give you the opportunity to earn a healthy income. It’s important for you and your family to have a tailored wealth management solution in which you have the utmost conviction, to grow, protect, and enjoy your wealth. Our private investment counsel offering will create just that – a tailored, low-fee, transparent, and risk-managed offering.


Protect Financial’s Private Investment Counsel partner was founded in 1979 and has over $2.1 billion in assets under management. As a long-standing partner of Protect, and our parent company CAPCORP Financial, our clients have exclusive access to a first-class portfolio management team that customizes your portfolio to your specific goals. Each member of the portfolio management team, all CFA charter holders, has been with the firm for at least 10 years, and there’s limited turnover.

Low Management Fees:

High investment management fees are damaging to long-term returns. Cost matters at the end of the day, and we ensure the value you receive far exceeds the cost. Your wealth advisor at Protect Financial will assist you with retirement planning, practice succession planning, estate planning, and tax planning. Our best-in-class, low-fee structure doesn’t only cover the investment management fee, it includes the advice and planning you receive. Our cost structure is tiered, so as your assets grow the fee structure reduces, all the way down to 0.25%.

High Returns, Low Risk:

Protect ensures that your money is invested in great companies at great prices. Financially strong companies with quality management teams and attractive market positions provide the best opportunity for stable long-term growth. This strategy has proven to maximize long-term growth, reduce volatility, and minimize down years. Since 1996, this strategy has outperformed the benchmark in 18 of the 26 (69%) years. In 2022, a distinctly down-year, the “Great Companies at Great Prices” strategy outperformed the benchmark by 5.1%.

Transparency = Conviction

Your financial plan’s long-term success heavily depends on your conviction surrounding the plan. To have the highest level of conviction, you need to know what you own and why you own it. It’s during periods of negative returns that our conviction gets tested. During these times, hearing your advisor say “It’ll bounce back, just give it time” does not result in a feeling of security. If the stock market is down 40% like it was in 2008, you might be really concerned about the performance of ABC Large-Cap Super Growth Index Fund even if it is “only” down 30%. But if you own shares of Visa, you are much more likely to be comfortable knowing that Visa isn’t going anywhere. You understand that economic conditions and market sentiment drove the stock price decline, not that Visa is worth 30% less than it was a few months ago. Seeing the names of the companies you own on your monthly statement provides you with the conviction and comfort you need in times of market volatility and downturn.

Tax-Efficient Investing

It may not be the case for you yet, but if you hold investments in your Dental Professional Corporation and a personal non-registered investment account you will largely benefit from strategic tax planning. Instead of owning Bank of America stock in your corporate investment accounts where dividends are taxed at roughly 31%1 after you claim the refundable dividend tax credit, your corporation will instead own a big Canadian bank where the dividend tax is fully refundable2 inside your corporation after your corporation has claimed the dividend tax credit. On a $10,000 dividend, this is a tax savings of $3,100.

A tailored solution is what you need, backed by a team of professional investment managers, analysts, and your wealth advisor at Protect Financial. Use this link to book time for a virtual coffee with your wealth advisor to learn more about how our solutions can help you.

1  The Ontario corporate tax rate on the taxable amount of interest, foreign income, and capital gains is 50.17%. The corporate tax rate on eligible Canadian dividends is 38.33%

2 The refundable tax rate on interest and capital gains is 30.67% (Part I tax). The refundable tax rate on foreign income is 18.77%. The refundable tax rate on eligible Canadian dividends is 38.33% (Part IV tax)