Covid19 offers an unprecedented opportunity to obtain life insurance without medicals

05/06/2020   |   Dentistry, Dentistry, Financial Planning

There is no doubt that the implications of Covid19 have been terrible for businesses and consumers alike. We’ve all experienced changes rolled-out by businesses to align their processes with social-distance requirements. Life Insurance companies are no different……and in this case the changes are positive for the consumer!

Traditionally, only the very young or those purchasing very small amounts of life insurance could do so without the need to undergo medical requirements – such as providing a blood and urine sample. Gathering these samples requires increased human contact and therefore the practice has been halted during Covid19.

Life Insurance companies, however, need to keep operating. In order to continue issuing new policies, these insurers have eliminated the requirement for these medical tests for a much greater range of individuals and face amounts.

Some insurers will now offer up to $2 million of life insurance without the need to submit to medical tests. This is an unprecedented opportunity to review and potentially increase your life insurance coverage without these tests. We expect testing thresholds will return to normal after Covid 19.

This might be the perfect time to replace the substandard (and more expensive!) mortgage insurance you purchased from your bank.

If you would like to review your existing coverage and explore opportunities to either replace or increase your life insurance without medical tests, please do not hesitate to contact your PROTECT Financial advisor or email us at