Is HealthPlus right for you?

05/12/2017   |   News

HealthPlus is a Private Health Services Plan. Used by thousands of small business owners across Canada, a PHSP enables the business to deduct 100% of the family’s health and dental expenses incurred by themselves and their employees as a business expense.

One of the great benefits of our plan is that it gives you the freedom to claim an extensive range of expenses. Forget about restrictions, you are able to claim 100% of your child’s dental braces! Any product, treatment or service that qualifies under the medical expense tax credit is an eligible expense. Visit CRA’s website for more information.

Unlike many traditional insurance plans, a PHSP offers 100% coverage on a wide range of expenses…even the expensive ones. Physiotherapy, laser eye surgery, and MRI’s are eligible expenses with HealthPlus. You can even claim your spouse’s premiums if they are a member of a traditional insurance plan. Premiums contributed to a non-government insurance plan are an eligible expense with HealthPlus.

Do you have expenses that were not fully covered by your spouse’s plan because they exceeded the maximum? The remaining amount of an expense is eligible under HealthPlus by submitting the explanation of benefits (EOB) received from the insurer.

Prescription drugs, massage therapy, and hearing aids are all eligible expenses too. If you are traveling to the cottage this summer…that pair of prescriptions sunglasses is eligible as well. Sore feet from that 10km run? Pay a visit to your friendly podiatrist as all of their services are also eligible under the plan. If you are unsure or would like to know if an expense would be eligible call us at 416-391-3764 or email us at

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